More about the land, lots and islands.

The Coral Coast Cristobal development is comprised of 45+plots of land along the north shore of Isla Cristobal, the largest island of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. It is fringed with palm trees and boasts some of the best fishing and boating waters in the entire Bocas area.

Coral Coast Cristobal is not your typical residential resort community in that we are completely committed to the preservation of the local wildlife, and taking care of the environment in which the development is based.

We are looking for that same commitment from our clients too.

Each ½ acre plot of land costs $39,900. We have clients who buy just one with the intention of building a small second home, and others who have bought larger parcels of several acres at a time to create larger homesteads with gardens and space to grow their own produce. We are happy to discuss and negotiate the size of the land you wish to have.

Each plot is sold as is. We have cleared the land of the thick vegetation that had previously claimed it, leaving only the mangroves at the water's edge (required by Panamanian law) and the larger trees to preserve the habit of the local marine and wildlife, and we have also added a berm - a public pathway that runs along the the water frontage constructed from the impacted sand dug out from the waters edge.

As it is an archipelago of many islands, almost all of the Bocas del Toro area is accessible only by boat. As with most of the islands, no roads exist in the Coral Coast Cristobal development. No roads means no cars! Therefore, access to the land is by boat or water taxi only. We currently have five Native built public access docks for the development, though you are of course, free to build your own permanent docking facility on your own land once it is purchased.

If you are looking to grow vegetables, fruits or cultivate a garden, you should know that all of the land is raw, uncultivated, organic land that has never been sown or had chemicals placed upon it.

Lush, fertile, incredibly peaceful and with absolutely stunning views in all directions, these islands offer a unique opportunity to experience the very best in island living that Bocas del Toro has to offer and at a very affordable price.

Get in touch with us and we will provide you with much more information on the islands if you wish. Tours of the land can also be arranged.

There are two private islands currently available.

The first island is one acre in size and is available for $199,000 and has a water depth of up to 50 feet.

We have already built a temporary boat dock and cleared small area of land to one side.

The Floating Doctors Mission is to reduce the present and future burden of disease in the developing world, and to promote improvements in health care delivery worldwide.


The second island is TITLED and, is available in 5 new $250,000 Waterfront Homes.

These are now building this week (Dec 2016). It also has a water depth of up to 60 feet.

It has four temporary boat docks for easy access, and we have cleared and cultivated a lawn and begun planting garden plants around the area.

Note that the island has been granted two 20 year government approved concessions which allow the owner to build docks, marinas or houses over the water (subject to building permission).